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Simon Simon 3, 18 51 Please describe what specific functionalities you are looking for.

How to Use the Mac Task Manager

Simon Of interest: CyberSkull 1, 6 25 Mathias Bynens Mathias Bynens 7, 10 52 Simon If you want to see in more detail what's going on instead of just force-quitting an app, yes. The force-quit shortcut is much easier to use if you just want to quickly kill a misbehaving application. There is no all in one equivalent: The equivalent of Change Password is the Users pane of the Configuration app. The equivalent of Lock Computer is "Login Window The equivalent of Lock Computer is? Simon - I don't know: I don't need it.

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But if somebody has the answer, feel free to edit my answer or add it as comment. For "Lock Computer" see apple. Simon Added Lock Computer equivalent.

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  7. You can also set the screen saver to require a password and just activate the screen saver when you leave your desk I use a hot corner to do this. To complete previous answers: Very handy! Pressing cmd-shift-Q brings up the quit session confirmation dialog.

    How to Use Task Manager on Mac [Full Breakdown] - Whatsabyte

    Matthieu Matthieu 1 7. For Task Manager style stuff Activity Monitor is it by default and its not key invoked.

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    8. Azik Abdullah 9 Anonymous Anonymous 1, 6 27 I normally open terminal. Then use top and kill the process. Andrew Andrew 1 6.

      The Mac Task Manager

      This window displays a list of your running applications and other processes. You can view information about their CPU, memory, energy, disk, or network usage—click a tab at the top of the window to choose which. Overall system resource statistics also appear here. For more info on how to read all the information in Activity Monitor, check out our guide. Mac OS X: For everything else, you have Activity Monitor and System Preferences to help you out. Image Credit: Vincent Brown on Flickr. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

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