Ipad mac address from serial number

Are you sure about that? That seems pointless to me. There's probably a logfile you can access somewhere?

How to realize that in a continuous production?

Are you sure that the hex code you say you have - isn't actually the MAC Address itself? What make and model is your router? I agree with BrianLachoreVPI - your router likely logs a list of connected devices for more than an hour. My router at home is a time capsule. Where should I look for the log?

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I really appreciate the help, guys thanks. I don't have the hex code. I was just wondering if there was some way to derive it from the serial number or something. As per this thread: It shouldn't be hard to figure out which device is your iPad - especially if it has a name associated with it.

If it doesn't have the hostname sometimes devices don't seem to get registered this way , compared the MAC addresses in that list to the devices on your network. Having never used an Apple router in any form , I have no idea how devices are registered especially Apple devices so it might be quite easy to differentiate the devices in the logs. While this workaround comes with a big caveat using AirWatch for deployment it will work.

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Looking at this answer , there was a way to get the serial number in iOS7 and earlier but it is no longer available in iOS8. Your best bet is probably to store a UUID in the keychain you can track across apps and reinstalls but not resets. What specifically are you trying to accomplish by knowing the serial number of the device?

The purpose of the app is for tracking repairs performed to iPads and for inventory purposes.

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I need to have a way of keeping the history of an iPad permanently tied to that iPad. It's crucial that the identifier doesn't change because the company I work for erases all of the iPads on an annual basis.

How to Find the MAC Address of Your iPhone or iPad

Added an extra edit that may help. Dan Dan 4, 3 26 Dan, I was coming back to this issue again after having the same MDM idea. I was hoping to avoid needing to tap into the MDM's data due to not having full access to write scripts. I came up with an alternative workaround that's admittedly a bit bizarre.

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How to Find Your iPad's MAC Address

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How to check Laptop's serial number, Model number & MAC address by using command prompt.

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