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I do what you write but when I start a error message come up Accepted Answer. Runs the benchmark tool and immediately exits game. Display list of all command line options Graphics -renderquality: Set the render quality of the game. Set the shadow density of the game. Set the texture quality of the game. Set the view distance of the game -detailquality: Set the detail quality of the game. Disable wait for vblank No Vsync -norestrictions: Do not limit graphics settings -width: Set width of main render window default is -height: Set height of main render window default is -safemode: Run the graphics in the lowest setting possible -frameLimit: In GTA1, software rendering is limited to x for the internal resolution and has no fancy effects like texture filtering.

Glide mode via a glide wrapper here nGlide can let the game run at an internal resolution matching your desktop resolution with texture filtering.

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Personally I think the game don't look too good in Glide mode. But some people like it, and it can sometimes run better in that mode than in software mode! Software mode - Glide mode.

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Any ideas on getting this to work properly, short of falling back to software? Hello lpgunit, that's surprising! Can you confirm that you download the pack very recently like yesterday or today and did a fresh install not overwriting a previous installation of this pack? So first make sure you don't have a file named glide2x. If you do, just delete it and that should be it.

If it's not the case, another solution is to replace nGlide with dgVoodoo2. To do so, delete glide2x. Then from the downloaded dgVoodoo2 zip archive, put both files dgVoodooSetup. You might want to try and run the game first to check wether it fixes the HUD problem before going further and configuring dgVoodoo2. Thanks, I'm glad to be of any help. I have some things to share: It runs in fullscreen no matter what. The first issue it's because of nGlide. Using dgVoodoo allows you to play in windowed mode though. Still, excellent work. I've completed London 69 the reason i've been using glide mode and I'm trying to learn the layouts of the cities in the first GTA which runs perfect in normal mode.

Glide mode indeed goes fullscreen by default unless you use dgVoodoo2 and force it to be windowed. I added a word about dgVoodoo2 as a replacement for nGlide in the readme. I've added a new Mac OSX version to the first post. Glide mode isn't supported though! Don't hesitate to post feedback if you test the Mac version, even though I've a hard time testing the pack without proper Apple hardware: Have you thought about adding some support for gamepads? Would be good for people who are used to playstation and gameboy controls. But i'm so happy What I had in mind though for a next update is LAN support.

Not sure I could bring it to the Mac version though Well i mapped normal PC controls to xbox one gamepad so it should work on all xinput controllers to act like on playstation 1 at least in gameplay part. Not sure if i mapped select button correctly, and you still basically need keyboard for menus or even getting out of the game. Source for controls https: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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