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A network discovery feature will map your network automatically and keep monitoring for any added or removed equipment. A great feature of this system is that it can detect other wifi-enabled devices and connect to them directly in an ad hoc network instead of connecting through the router. The utilities of the package include a software inventory report for each device and that includes a detailed examination of the firewall installed on each device on your network.

You can rename discovered devices or eject them from the network. Once you have accounted for all of your network nodes, you can set the system to block any new devices, thus preventing intrusion from unwanted equipment. This is a great feature for those who live in close quarters with neighbors who might get hold of your wifi password and use your internet access for free. The HomeNet Manager includes an alert window, which reports status failures on any device on your network.

You can elect to have emergency conditions notified as pop-up messages as well as having them appear in the status log. Unfortunately, HomeNet Manager only works on Windows, but it can detect computers with other operating systems when they are connected to the same network. Spiceworks IP Scanner is a cloud-based service, but it requires a small program to be downloaded onto your computer.

The system is free to use and it gives you the basic network discovery and device inventory functions that you enjoyed with Network Magic. The dashboard for the system is accessed through your regular web browser. The IP Scanner will automatically trace all of the devices connected to your network and give an inventory on each device including its IP address, MAC address, hostname, manufacturer, operating system, a description, and a list of open ports. The little program that you download in order to get this utility gathers data about your network and uploads it to the cloud.

The communications between the agent on your computer and the Spiceworks server are encrypted , both in transit and at rest on the server. You have to use a special access key in order to see the information on your network. That prevents third parties from being able to get information on your network. The interface allows you to filter and sort the list of connected devices. You can also export the status report to a CSV file for import into a spreadsheet.

For a more in-depth tool, you could try Spiceworks Inventory , which is also a free, cloud-based system. This system is probably more appropriate for small businesses because it tracks user activities and all the software installed on devices on your network in its inventory. Spiceworks Inventory can be scheduled to run periodically, giving you a near-live network monitoring tool.

Spiceworks Inventory runs on the cloud but requires a program to be downloaded on your computer. This program will only run on the Windows operating system. However, it can track Macs and Linux machines as well. This utility does not require admin privileges to collect data, so any user connected to any network can run a scan and get a report.

Although this might seem like a security risk, keep in mind that the user would have to have the software installed on his computer and the commands in the utility do not allow for alteration of network setup. This network management tool scans your network and discovers all devices. You get a report on the addresses and statuses of each device.

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The scan lists shared folders on the network so you can keep track of which computers have made files available to others. There is no limit to the number of IP addresses that this utility can cope with. You can narrow down the report to a range of IP addresses or just one device.

It is also possible to focus the scan on one device type.

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The scan will check the ports on each device and assess whether it is on and whether a specified user has access privileges to it. However, the information in the scan results will let each user know whether they can connect to a specific resource, such as network attached storage.

Network Scanner is specifically concerned with identifying devices and shared resources on the network , including cataloging all the shared folders on your system. Axence has produced a package of ten network tools and they are free. The interface for this bundle is available in English, German, Polish, and Spanish.

Unfortunately, these tools only run on Windows. This has an autodiscovery feature to check on all of the devices connected to your network. It will check on the services running on each device and verify that each is functioning properly. In all the tool will examine 50 different services.

Another tool in the package that mirrors Network Magic functionality is Netstat , which gives a list of all open ports on your network-attached devices and the activity on each. Local Info lists the configuration details of each device. Netcheck tests the physical attributes of your network, such as the quality of the wiring. One more useful tool is the Bandwidth Tester. The package also includes Netwatch. This will check on any servers that you have on your network including mail servers. The report generated by this tool lists activities on a range of ports and the packet loss rate.

The utility will also check on the DNS entries for your host servers every ten minutes. A Wintools utility will check on the event logs of each Windows device on the network, reporting back on performance issues related to CPU, disk, page swapping, and memory usage. Traceroute is a great tool that is available in many operating systems and Axence created its own version. This utility will trace the location of any given IP address and report on the performance of the internet connection between you and that address.

The five network monitoring systems listed in this review match or exceed the network management functions of Network Magic. Simply getting broadband usage reports and taking screenshots of computers on your home network is probably the wrong method for controlling the internet access of children. There are better systems for imposing parental controls. It is better to block your children from accessing certain types of sites that to use a system that allows them access but reports on their activities.

In this respect, Network Magic provided too little too late. Parental control software is a fairer method to control the activities of children on the internet. It is much better to prevent rather than to blame or shame. If you are specifically looking for a Network Magic replacement that will let you know what your children are up to on the internet, these preventative systems provide better solutions than your current strategy.

Network Magic tells me I have X days remaining in my trial, but I paid already. What do I do? Why is my router behaving incorrectly or not responding properly? When trying to set up Net2Go, I encounter this error message: What should I do?

Cisco Network Magic Pro 5.5.9195

Why does my router's Internet IP address change? Why does it take so long to upload files to my Net2Go site? Why do I get a error when trying to view a folder on my Net2Go site? Why are the hidden files in shared folders not shown in the "What's New" list? I have Network Magic 3. How do I upgrade to 4. Three or four minutes of high CPU usage from svchost. Why am I getting an error that a. I'm getting an error "You might not have permission to use this network resource.

Access is denied", what should I do? After upgrading to Network Magic 4. I'm getting an error message, "An unexpected error occurred during the activation process" while trying to activate Speed Meter Pro with a license key. Speed Meter Pro tells me "Speed test is not available in your area" and this is the first time I've run the program. I've set up Network Reports but I'm not receiving any report via email. The shared printer appears offline even after the computer the shared printer is connected wakes up from standby mode.

Starting in Network Magic 4. How do I get rid of it? How do I remove duplicate icons for devices showing in Network Map? Does my router support Network Magic? How do I find out which firmware version is currently installed on my router? Does Network Magic support file and printer sharing with Apple computers or Linux computers? What is the maximum size for a file which can be uploaded though Net2Go? Where do I find information about the Beta Program?

Will reinstalling use up one of my licenses? Can I use Network Magic 4. I have more than eight computers on my Network. Can I install Network Magic on all of them? Network Magic is a software you can use to connect, share and protect your network. It instantly adds devices to your network and shares an Internet connection, printers and files.

Using the software secures your network from intruders, monitors activity and repairs common problems. Development work, updates or fixes on the Port Magic code or router drivers, and the installer are no longer available for download. Network Magic no longer requires a subscription. It is a one-time purchase now and all the product keys have been converted into permanent ones.

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Only credit and debit card payments are accepted for Pure Networks software purchases through our website. Network Magic is also available through the retail stores and other online retailers. The problem stems from the difference in trial periods for the free trial which ships with D-Link routers and the version available on our website.

To get the longer trial period, first, uninstall the version with the shorter trial. After the installation, use the Check for updates or Get updates option on the Tools menu in Network Magic. If you've reinstalled Network Magic, you'll need to reactivate the program with your license key. Click here for activation instructions. If you purchased a Pure Networks software from its site, you may submit a refund request by clicking here for instructions.

Like computers, routers sometimes malfunction and require a reboot to get them working properly again. Powercycling your router is done by unplugging the router's power cord for at least 15 seconds, and then plugging it back in. It may take up a minute before the router would come back online. The User Guide that came with your router explains the steps for editing port forwarding settings.

If you have setup Net2Go on one of your computers but would like to move it to a different computer, use the Ask a Question tab to let us know. The upload speed is determined by both the upload rate of the cable or DSL line of the computer you're uploading from and the download rate of the cable or DSL connection of the Net2Go host computer.

This error message is displayed if the folder or a folder it resides within has been moved or had its name changed since it was shared. To correct the problem, undo the share and share the folder again. If this action does not resolve the issue, check the file names for special characters.

Network Magic 4.7

When you are using a web browser to connect to a network using the Network Magic Net2Go feature and attempting to access share folders for example, public folders on computers that run either Windows 98 SE or Windows Me, you can experience occasional problems with the Net2Go website. These include the following:.

Here is our list of the best Network Magic alternatives:

To resolve these issues, try using Network Magic to share only one folder on the Windows 98 SE or ME computer for use through Net2Go that is, only one public folder or password-protected folder. If needed, copy other folders into the single folder. If there is still a problem, copy the folders you want to share using Net2Go to another computer in your network that runs Network Magic and another Windows version for example, Windows XP Professional Edition.

Use Network Magic to share the folders again from their new location. In particular, if you use Windows Explorer and set up a folder to allow network users to change the files it contains and you have used Network Magic to deny others users from changing files in the same folder, then Network Magic does not detect the Windows setting for the folder. Pure Networks is investigating this issue, and plans on addressing it in a future Network Magic release.

If you want Network Magic to include it on the update, uncheck the hidden option to change the folder settings. This error appears when a folder has been moved or renamed since it was shared. Restarting the computer on which the folder resides should correct the problem. If not, un-share and re-share the folder.

Easy to use Network Administrator for Cisco

Network Magic uses the Windows operating system's device detection as part of discovering computers and devices connected to your network. Network Magic now has a feature to manage your wireless connections. This message means Network Magic has detected that you are already using third party wireless management software. Since you only need one software to connect to your wireless network, you should continue to use your third party software.

When upgrading from Network Magic 3. Network Magic 3. This is a problem with the Microsoft Update scan. To resolve this, click here for assistance. This problem can also cause Error code To download and reinstall it, click here to get support from the Microsoft website. If you have received this error, click here to know how to open a ticket. Make sure to include your product key. This continues until either Network Magic or Kaspersky is uninstalled.

You may get this error message when using file or printer sharing in Network Magic. This is a Microsoft issue. We no longer sell Network Magic for Mac. We apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you. For those who purchased this product recently, please be aware that it will not work with Apple If you want to download the free trial, click here for instructions. If you have already purchased Network Magic, you will need to log in to your account by clicking here. After logging in, click on the order history link, then the link for the order number that was provided to you when you purchased the Mac Add-on.

If you have additional problems installing Network Magic, click here to check the minimum system requirements. The drivers should both be uninstalled first when you uninstall Network Magic. There is a bug in the 4. For now the best option is to ignore the false alert. Temporarily disable the firewall on your computer and attempt to reactivate by copying and pasting the key, if possible.

Otherwise, do the steps below:. Step 1: Uninstall Speed Meter Pro. Step 2: Reboot the computer.

Cisco Network Magic Pro

Step 3: Download and install the most recent version of Speed Meter Pro. Step 4: Try to activate again. We no longer sell Speed Meter Pro. Exit and re-open Speed Meter Pro. The second time the program runs, the Speed Test should work correctly. Click the Custom button under Trusted Security Zone. This has been identified as a problem with the Windows XP bit operating system. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this problem.

Network Magic activity shows as Guest in the logs. For proper networking with Windows 98 SE and Windows ME, you must log in with a user name and password when starting up the computer instead of clicking Cancel or pressing the ESC key when prompted for a user name and password. If the user name and password do not match the existing account, Windows will create an account for you. When you set up Network Reports , you will receive a welcome email asking you to click a link to verify the email address that the report will be sent to. You must do this before you can begin receiving Network Reports.

This email sometimes gets sent to your Junk or Spam email folder. Check these folders if you do not see the email in your regular inbox. If you change the email address, you will need to reauthorize the new email address. This is only a visual bug in the Network Magic map. The printer should still work properly. This will be fixed in the future versions of Network Magic. If you would like the printer to appear online, this problem can be resolved in either one of two ways:.

In the initial release of Network Magic 4. Due to the feedback we've received, we've released a new version of Network Magic that only offers the reminder once every four days. To download this version, click here. This problem has been identified as a problem with the way the web-based flash update installs flash over a previous version.

To manually download and install flash, click here. Since there is no section in Network Magic where you can disable the Buy Now pop-ups, the only way to get rid of these pop-ups is to uninstall the software. For instructions on how to uninstall the Network Magic software, click here. Open Network Magic then click Network Map. Locate a duplicate computer shown as being offline grayed out , right-click the icon and select Remove from Network Map. Repeat these steps for any remaining duplicates on the network map.

The optional Net2Go only available in Network Magic 4. To view the list of routers and firmware supported by Network Magic, click here.

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The list of routers that support the optional Network Lock feature is available here. To download a free trial of Network Magic, click here. Go to the Network Magic's Network Map and click on the icon for your router. To the right of the map under Details , scroll down to locate the firmware version. If you are using the Network Magic version 5 and the firmware version is not available , select Status Page from the left side Task menu, in the same window. You will be asked for you router's username and password. If you do not know this, contact the router manufacturer for support.

Once you have accessed the router's web-based setup page, you should see information about the firmware version of the router. If you cannot use these steps, the router manufacturer can help you find this information. When this is done, look again under the firmware version details. You can also check the firmware version by logging in to your router's web-based setup page. Does Network Magic support file and printer sharing with Apple or Linux computers? There is no version of Network Magic yet that will work with Linux computers.